DVR-A09 Reading varies if web browsing, etc... simultaneously



I have 3 DVD drives; LTD-167, BenQ 1620, and DVR-A09, but only the A09 read curves vary if I do something else with the computer while doing a CDspeed read / transfer rate test.

If I don’t touch the keyboard while ripping / reading, the curve is constant (and good) - but, if I browse the web, or do any other activity which I guess uses the IDE controller even a little bit, I get ups / downs in the curve. I didn’t have this problem with the A08, and don’t have it with the other drives currently installed, listed above.

The A09 is master on the Secondary IDE channel, the BenQ slave, my system HDD is on the Primary IDE channel, and the Liteon is in an ext. enclosure via 1394 / fw.

This has been in FW version 1.0, 1.05 and 1.09.

Any Ideas ??

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Check if DMA is on for your Primary and Secondary IDE controllers under Device Manager.


Are you using the IDE 80 pin cable or a 40 Pin, because pioneer recommends the 80 Pin for max Speed!
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Thanks for the replys - DMA is enabled on all devices, and I have an 80pin ide cable in use with the BenQ / Pioneer pair.

If I simply pop out the pioneer and put in anything else, I can do a read test and anything else with the PC and still get a “perfect” read curve. Pioneer goes back in, curve has ups and downs with HD use ( I don’t think its cpu useage).

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Not all drives co-operate like they should.


Scans of what I’m seeing, and a note:

When the A09 is ONLY drive on its channel, same problem.

I had the two drives set as Cable select, but for testing changed to M/S - no change.

Top scan is no browsing, bottom is while browsing, etc…


Yes its the same for me its nothing to worry about.


You have this issue on an A09, or another drive?

Well, You are right, It does seem to “work” ok despite this problem, but what concerns me more is multitasking while burning. If read-rate is affected by minor pc use, I assume write-rate will be similarly affected, with the possible help of the 2MB buffer.

What is odd is that none of the other writers I have had or have in the machine (Plex 716, Pio. A08, BenQ 1620, Liteon 167 reader) have had this issue.

As reading goes, youre right: Its adding a few seconds to the rip time - not a big deal, but if you are looking for a read curve to show some indication of burn quality, its useless with this drive. And though I haven’t had any issues with the few burns (mostly tests) that I’ve done, moderate or esp. heavy disk I/O while burning would concern me with this drive. I would also mention that in my tests of “using the PC” while doing CDspeed transfer rate tests, one time I got a “read error” box pop up that stopped the process cold. The disc is pristine, and reads smooth to 16X on my liteon, or smooth to 12.2X on the Pioneer if you don’t touch the keyboard. This worries me alot more than the jagged graph.

I have changed the auto-selected DMA mode in motherboard bios from Mode4 to Mode2 (which it also supports), but doesn’t help. Seems the IDE interface on the drive is got an issue of some kind.

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I think this is normal.


Perhaps it is normal - just kind of makes the drive useless for running a CDspeed read-check of a burned disc for quality purposes.

NONE of my other drives have this problem ! I can do whatever I want while the read test is done, and the curve will be perfect (if a good burn…).

Anyway, since the results I get from Kprobe and CDspeed Disc Quality are so different (or just the results using a LTD-167 as the reader -vs- the BenQ), its nice to just see how the thing reads in a high speed transfer check.

I would like to know, just to see, if anybody that has an A09 can confirm that they also have this issue - mine is a December 04 build - perhaps there were changes…



Well, this is a a truth on all my systems, on all my drives. If I try to do other stuff on the system, it can void the test results (false passes, false fails).