DVR-A09/109 FW 1.40 Officially released





Thx m8 :iagree: :bow:


WOOO HOOOO! Now all you A09s can upgrade…


cool. ao9xl firmware. sweet


mmmm Tasty :cool:


Indeed, just cross-flashed to A09 with 1.40, Now I think I have a functional burner, About time!


P00r, what do you mean cross-flashed ?


he flashed his 109 1.40 to A09 1.40


It’s now on Pioneer Japan site.


Readability by some of Pioneer Car Navigation systems and some of DVD-ROM drives is improved for the written DVD-R and DVD-RW discs by DAO(Direct-At-Once) method
Support DVD-R DL Media
(6x writing: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation(Verbatim))
(2x writing: DVD-R DL Media of other than Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation )
Support New 16x DVD-R Media
(12x writingFFuji Film/Prodisc/MBI/RITEK)
Support New +R 16x Media
(12x writingFRicoh/RITEK/Optodisc/DAXON)
Support New +R 8x Media
(8x writing:Intermedia/DAXON/Infodisc/Infomedia
DVD Writability has improved
DVD Readability has improved
CD-R/RW Writability has improved


That’s what I thought he meant. How could I do this with my 109? And what are the advantages if any?

And yes…I know it voids the warranty :slight_smile:


It allows you to use the Quiet Drive utility. This will allow you to remove the “rip-lock”. Seems the DVR-109 (OEM) is the 1st Pioneer drive that will allow the DVR-A09XL (retail) firmware to be installed and work.


I have the same question,how,and why?


Thanks dtog, so if I wanted to do this…how do I do it ?


wtf i just sticked back to 1.17 to RMA the drive :smiley:


What’s up with it not being posted on yet?


It’s OK to use the update from the Euro site on a drive from the US, right?


Stop or you will go to jail :cop: for 2 reason!

You are violating section 49 of sub-section 169 of the 1642 Treaty of the federation of the planet. :iagree:

You are making European pay for bandwith that belong to the USA and at the same time violating international trade regulation. :iagree:

Seriously it is fine, especially since they are all the same!


I mean I used the A09 firmware on my dvr-109, since it is rip unlocked, Both drive still show as DVR-109 only the quiet drive utility tell you that the drive is changed a bit… (that’s probably all there’s to it “a bit” actually)


Do you have yours set to the “performance” setting?


What was the result, Coaster, dead drive or something else, Just curious, So far I did not notice any problem, but I curious to know what where the problem encountered.