DVR-A08XL shows only max 4x write speed option

I just bought this drive and installed it using UDMA IDE cable and flashed the latest firmware to 1.14. For some reason every type of blank dvd-r or dvd+r media i throw at it wont write above 4x. In the write options i only get to select 2.4x and 4x nothing else presents it self, granted the media is certified 4x but i read about so many people burning at 8x even 16x with no problems, i dont even get that option. The media i have tested so far has been:

4x DVD+R
Verbatime Movie Print

4x DVD-R

Im going to buy some certified 8x media tomorrow but i hope i can fix this problem because one of the main reason i bought this drive was to burn all my 4x media at 8x or faster.

you can only burn at the rated speed with standard firmware. the hacked firmwares allow you to burn at any speed on any disc.