DVR-A08XL 80-wire IDE Cable

To the people who are using a 40-wire IDE Cable: Are you guys getting the maximum DVD write speeds?

There’s a sticker on the back of my burner box, saying, “80-wire IDE Cable required for maximum DVD writing speed”.

I just installed the burner. I’m gonna open the tower again to see which IDE Cable i have. Please post your input concerning this. Thanx :cool:

the 108/a08 pioneer is ata 66 interface so it should use 80 pin cable

Thanx KenW… … I just read this from an article >> “Some drives, including the Plextor PX-708A that we used for this article, come with a 40-conductor cable that doesn’t support cable select, instead of the slightly more expensive 80-conductor cable that does.” … My pc is originally set as cable-select, so it looks like i already have an 80-wire. Just to make sure im gonna look in the tower tmrow.

Good idea, i have my 1633 and pio a08 on 80 pin and my nec 3500 and BenQ on 40 pin i only use 80 pin cable with drives that need it.