I just purchased and installed the DVR-A08xl. Device manager recognizes this a DVR-108 instead of DVR-A08XL…is this correct?

Also, I am unable to flash it’s current version 1.10 to version 1.14. I downloaded the flash program from pioneers website and I get the following error message.

“The firmware of the target drive is not correct F/W.
This firmware is not supported by this program.”

Any help would be appreciated…


Perhaps is not xl - how does it look like? is the xl name stamped on upper face?

Yep, that’s correct :slight_smile:

As for your firmware I suspect you have downloaded the OEM DVR-108 ( firmware and not the firmware for your retail DVR-A08XL (

If you have downloaded the wrong firmware, here is a convenient link for you. (Just hit the agree button on the bottom left and you will download it) :slight_smile:

I have also ordered a Pioneer DVR-108 which should arrive next Tuesday. But I’m still in doubt about the differences between the DVR-108 and DVR-A08{X[L(A/B)]}. I know there are firmware differences 'coz the 108 is OEM, but they should be identical mechanically. Am I right or is some A08*** drive better than the 108 or vice versa ?

I was able to successfully upgrade to firmware 1.14 by doing it on a different PC. But I was still unable to read a cd-rom or a regular dvd movie(purchased movie). So I ended up returning the dvr-a08xl for another at the store just now…and it’s doing the same thing! The pc recognizes the drive as dvd but it still won’t play a dvd movie nor a regular cd-rom…

It seems that it trying to read the cd-rom or dvd-rom because the green light on the a08xl flashes for a bit.

Any help would be appreciated…


I have no such probs with my DVR-A08XL. I updated firmware in windows with sp2 and all

The main difference of course is the face. But mechanically they are the same. Burning exactly the same. The difference being is that it supports the quiet drive utility. In it it has quiet mode, performance mode & standard mode. Also with it you can rip @ 12X without hacked firmware. Standard mode is the same as the 108. So in that mode it rips @ 5X like the 108. I cant tell much difference between quiet mode & performance modes

Did you then test the drive on the different PC to see if it would read a cd-rom or regular DVD on that PC and did the vendor test it upon return?

I find it very hard to accept that two drives would be unserviceable in exactly the same way, to me it smacks of a problem with your hardware.

Please detail more of your configuration, ie mobo/chipset, whether you have the drive as a master or slave, on which IDE channel, whether it is by itself on the channel or sharing the channel with another device, IDE cable type (40 conductor/40 pin - 80 conductor/40 pin), what burning and other software you have, etc etc etc.