DVR-A07XL U.S. 1.13 Firmware?

I just ordered a DVR-A07XLB from Amazon U.S. and can’t wait to get it. However, I am curious about whether the 1.13 firmware released on Pioneer Aus site:

will work on the US DVR-A07XLB I ordered from Amazon? I only ask this because the Pioneer US site only has the 1.12 firmware available:,,2076_4249_63510115,00.html

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Most certainly will :wink:

Hi DJ -
Thanks for the response. I was assuming it would and might be causing myself to look like a MAJOR newbie even by asking questions like these. Oh well, such is.

Do you know that it will work for a fact, though (have you tried it before)? Or, is it completely obvious that the US drive is the same as the AUS drive and that is why is will work?

I only ask because I sent Pioneer US a message on it and this was there response which made me feel like the AUS 1.13 firmware was different than the upcoming US 1.13 firmware:

Thank you for contacting Pioneer Electronics, Inc.
They have not yet released the 1.13 update, for the DVR-A07XL series. I can not recommend you use firmware from another site. I am sure the US engineers will approve it for the US soon.

Hmmm think the drives are the same, maybe mine spins in a different direction than the US model NO :eek: sure they are the same. :smiley:

Yes I have flashed both my drives with no ill effects

Although you’ll find when you install the drive it will show up as a 107D and the Pioneer site tells you that the XL version of 1.13 should not be installed on a 107D!

This prompted me to call Pioneer and was assured that if you have A07XL on the case you install the firmware upgrade the 107D being shown on the computer is normal.

Confused ??? yes so was I :confused:

Definitley good to know. Maybe the US version does spin in a different direction :slight_smile:

Well, I guess now I just have to wait to get a hold of it. Should be coming soon.

How has your XL been treating you? Any coasters yet? I plan on using mine a lot for video and hear it has pretty good quality.

No coasters either +R or -R copied DVD’s on the fly ie. disk to disk - as you can see I have 2 units. :wink:

Run CDs’ back and forth with no issues at all as far as I’m concern these are great drives. :bow:

Nice to see you have 2 of these drives. Can’t wait to start burning. Have you tried any 8x media yet? Any suggestions on media in general for this drive? I hear Verbatim and Ty are pretty good.

I’ve tried the -R at x8 and according to nero it worked fine the disks that came with my machines are badged as JVC I have not tried any other so far.

I tested the -RW at x4 and that worked as advertised also.

Cool. Good to know. I am pumped. Just got the drive in today and will be hooking it up tonight after a quick trip to Best Buy to get some media. Should be fun. Thanks again for all the info.