DVR-A07D vs DVR-A07U

Is there any difference between the two? I’ve done a search and seen mention of both but no mention of any differences. Pioneer’s site only refers to the retail version of the drive as a DVR-A07.


I was wondering about this, too. I sent an e-mail to tech support.

Hi. I would like to hear about it too. I have the A07U right now. :slight_smile:


Ryobu - What does Device Manager say about your A07U? Does it say 107D?

Ahaha. Interesting. The box says A07U. But the device manager says 107D. I think my bios says the same thing… So, that means I have an OEM which was sold in a retail box?? hmm…:confused:

No – I don’t believe that’s the case. I think that both the retail box and the OEM show-up as 107D. This leads me to belive that the A07D and the A07U are the same thing.

Hmm, very interesting. So ah… Who has an actual A07U?:confused:

I do and it also says 107D in the bios but probably because the OEM and Retail versions share firmware. Thus the drives are probably identical, maybe the software included is the difference. My A07U came with a Ulead package of software and also a note saying that when you register they’ll send out a free sample of -R and -RW media.


Yes, I got the same thing inside as well.

The answer I received from Pioneer was “The a07D is a foreign model.” That’s it. I have asked about the A07U.

It appears that the A07U is the American bundle and that the A07D is the “foreign” bundle. Otherwise, it is the same drive, 107D.

Very interesting. Well thanks for checking with Pioneer. :slight_smile:


Hi everybody,

I am pleased to join this forum and looking forward to share experience! I sold my 411S last week and after tons of mailing with Jackass bought Pioneer A07 on his advice. Thanks again for your neverending help, Jackass!

My Pioneer has a sticker “A07U” on it. I went for the cheapest solution so it is a bulk version sold in plastic bag just as is.

I’ve bought it in Prague, Czech republic, Europe.

Pioneer support said they had no further information per my request, save to say that “If I bought an A07D the warranty will not be honored.” (In the U.S.) That warranty comment kind of bothered me.

Originally posted by John-K
[B]The answer I received from Pioneer was “The a07D is a foreign model.”

The photo of the 107 shown on NewEgg shows it as being a DVR-107D. Why would NewEgg sell a drive not meant for the US? And why would one purchased in the Czech Republic be an American version?

The 107D is the drive itself, regardless of package.

Per your second question, I saw the Czech origination, too. The assignment of “D” or “U” is not clear to me: Either seem equally available, so I question regional warranty terms.

As per my previous posts, I asked Pioneer for clarification on each designation. What is A07D and what is A07U? … but received nothing…

… except a manufacturer scolding. DON’T BUY OUTSIDE YOUR COUNTRY. You buy the non-US version in the US, and you’ve got no US guarantee. Even if that non-US channel is legit.

It appears that it (D vs U) is ultimately some kind of packaging scheme designed to restrict warranty terms – symbols designed to control corporate risk.

I got this 107D from CompUSA. How can it be a foreign model??:confused: Oh well, I bought a warranty from CompUSA so if it dies, I’ll go to them :stuck_out_tongue: