DVR-A06 and 4.7Gb DVD-R disks




I’m a newbie to all this, anyway I’ve trawling this site trying to find some answers to why I can’t successfully burn any DVD-Rs on my DVR-A06 (they are blank Ritek G04s). I then checked the Australian Pioneer web site and it says here that

All Pioneer DVD-RW drives can NOT use the 4.7GB or 3.9GB DVD-R for Authoring disks, These are designed for the DVR-S201 only

  • see here for a link.

Does this actually mean I can’t use 4.7Gb disks to copy video onto?



DVD-R for authoring discs are different from DVD-R for General use discs. DVD-R for authoring discs have a special area left unburned so that special DVD-R for authoring burners can use CSS encryption on these discs. The size is not the point of that statement.