DVR-900a - compatible DVD-RW discs

I recently purchased an Hyundai DVD recorder on Ebay. The model # is DVR-900A [I have seen it listed as Ellion brand also].
The person I bought it from tells me that to his knowledge it only works with Sony brand DVD-RW’s.
I have tried a few cheapy, generic brands and none of them are recognised [ie. no disc].
Does anyone know a fix for this or where I can find a list of DVD-RW’s that I can use on this machine?
I can find lists of DVD-RW media and which machine they work on but not the other [and to me, this seems far more sensible] way round - what discs will work on my machine.
Thanks for any help you may be a ble to provide.
Oh, and sorry in advance if I have listed in the wrong place - I have to admit - I’m a bit lost in this site [hence my gravitation to the newbie forum].

Welcome to CD Freaks :slight_smile:

No problem… I’ll transfer this to the DVD Recorder and Home Entertainment section.

SONY DVD-RW ~ is Ritek W01 fairly common; but I would think Verbatim would work fine.
At the price can’t you use a quality DVD-R?

try looking here