DVR 622 or 522 question?



I have concluded that after my Panasonic DMR-ES55 passed on suddenly that I need to upgrade to a DVR. I have sattelite service from Dish and am wondering if the DVRs supplied by Dish such as the 622 or 522 would be a good choice. 1) I want to have the conviencience of a large space to record things, and then record them onto my panasonic DMR-25 if I want to make permanent recordings onto DVD such as movies. 2) I wonder if these units have inputs for RF so that I could record off of the local broadcasts and stuff from the old VCR that I may transfer to disc later.

If these do not, should I get a stand alone DVR, if so which one when I want to operate a sattelite reciever, TV, and two DVD recorders?