Hi i have just brought a HD plasma and are trying to connect my DVR-530H-S recorder via Component.
I can get picture but no sound how do i connect sound to this???
please help, newbie to this sort of stuff
thanks in advance

The Component cables only send video, you have to connect to audio “out” on your DVR-530 and connect to audio “in” on your T.V.

yp got the components sorted but whaty audio ouot do i use ive tried all rca outs and cant get anything, the components are 3 plugs by themselves:sad:

Mine is a Pio DVR-531 and I used the Red and White Audio on “Output 1” and connected to the audio in on my T.V. that was right by the 3 Component inputs.

hey thanks guys all sorted, thanks very much, worked thru audio output 1 , didnt work yesterday but all good now thanks, back to hd movie watching now chers:D:bigsmile::iagree::slight_smile: