DVR-520H -- Is this Possible?


I have a DVR-520H set-up as follows:

  • A satellite feed into a Scientific Atlanta D9234 satellite receiver. From there I use a Y-splitter to run one feed into my receiver for viewing in the living room, and the second feed into an A/V switchbox for viewing in the bedroom. The satellite service I’m using (Armed Forces Network) only allows viewing/recording of one channel at a time.

For some reason, I’m able to record the signal to hard drive and view in my living room; however, I can’t get a recorded show to play in my bedroom. The original signal works just fine, just no recorded material. I’ve run through all input switches on the 520H but no luck, so is this even possible?

Also, while I’m thinking about it, I love most everything about the 520H except its whiny fan. Has anyone replaced it? If so, was it easy to do, and what size/model fan did you use?

I hope I explained this problem well enough. Many thanks in advance.


Configuring inputs and output of multiple devices always gets a bit
confusing. You mentioned that the output of your Satellite box is
split, one going to the bed room and one going to the living room.
Wouldn’t you also need to split the output of the dvr-520h, one
short cable(s) going to the TV in the living room and a separate
long run going to the bed room?


Reading your response seems to make sense of this. Now that I think about it, the only feed going into my bedroom is from the satellite receiver, which has no clue that I’m using a DVD recorder. So, I guess that means I have to somehow find a way to route the signal from my DVD recorder rather than the satellite receiver.

Thanks for the response. Kinda makes me feel silly I didn’t realize this before!