I saw today Pioneer DVR-509 drive in local BestBuy. You could also see it on BestBuy website. Anyone know difference between DVR-509 and DVR-A09 or DVD-109?

I think it’s just a 109 being sold at retail. I have no idea why Pioneer seems to be taking the A09 off the retail market (notice they are on clearance at BB).

Seem to only exist in the US.
It’s just another DVR-109 clone…,,2076_4273_128163990,00.html

Damn expensive at pestbuy. :frowning:
I can get two of them easily for that price ere in Germany. 8-O

The DVR-509 is not another OEM clone. It’s an A09 clone.


The DVR-509 high speed DVD burner introduced today by Pioneer enables computer users to record data, photos and video onto DVD-R, DVD-RW, +R and +RW discs with ease. It also works with dual layer discs, increasing the capacity of a disc from 4.7 to 8.5 gigabytes for even more storage space.

The DVR-509 offers many technologies unique to Pioneer, including:

* Quiet Drive for minimal operating noise.
* Liquid Crystal Control for optimum recording quality; Precision Recording to minimize the effects of long-term deterioration of re-recordable discs due to repeated writing.
* Ultra Dynamic Resonance Absorber to reduce vibrations during high-speed recording and playback of discs.

OK, OK. 109 or A09, besides the special case, there is no real difference anymore which couldn’t be dealed with. :wink:

I’ve changed my mind. It is just a 109, but with bundled software. I noticed that all the Pioneer drives listed on their web site say the same thing; namely, that Quiet Drive utility is downloadable. But I believe it will only witk when the drive has A09 firmware.

So then I downloaded the current 509 firmware—which is still 1.55. After unpacking the exe file i discovered the firmware is the same as the 109 firmware (same numerical name, that is).
So I guess it is just a retail 109 with Uled software, or whatever.

To complicate matter, Meretime sells an external 109 (firewire, usb) that they claim has Quiet Drive technology.

I’m not sure why the 509 doesn’t have a 1.57 firmware, but as Chef notes, it wold be a simple matter to cross flash it.

The Best Buy price, by the way, is only $60 after rebates.

I just saw this drive at best buy, and it looks like the only difference I noticed was on the box for the dvr-509, where it lists the media you can use, it has the addition of DVD-R(dl), so it can burn on both +R and -R dual layer DVDs. Now I’m not sure what drive to buy, I was looking at the dvr-109.

I maya be wrong, but I believe the DL-R capability was added via a firmware update (1.55). So even the vanlla 109 can now do it—with supported media. I’m pretty sure the 509 is a 109 bundled with nero, and video software for the PC. Even with the $60 in rebates, yo can get the plain 109 at for $50 shipped (slowly). But if the software is useful and you don’t mind waiting a few weeks for the rebate checks, the BestBuy 509 may suit your needs. You can also get the 509 from neweg, but it has no rebates attached. I’ve forgotten what they chage for it.

I’d have the exact same question, and since I can currently purchase either the DVR-509 or the DVR-A09XL in my area, I’m wondering which one is better. I know that they’re not “identical” due to the different physical appearence, but I’m having trouble figuring out if one or the other is a “better” drive.

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509 is equal to 109, A09XL is equal to any other *09XL drive.

So what does this mean specifically? In other words, what are the actual differences between the 509 and the A09? Is it just a matter of a different front bezel? Between the A09 and the 509, are there ANY reasons to get one instead of the other?

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Yes, the Honeycomb design and the use of the Quietdrive software mainly.

Both the 509 and the A09 have the “Quiet Drive” feature, so this doesn’t come into play. As far as the “honeycomb” goes, the 509 does not appear to have this. What does this actaully do?




See the pictures of Honeycomb drives, it’s the case & design.

I understand what it “looks like,” I was asking what it “does.” My guess is that it impedes vibration compared to a flat piece of sheet metal.