DVR 420 - Frame Accurate Editing

Hi there

I’m new to the forum, apologies if this is answered elsewhere, but I couldn’t find anything with the search function…

I’ve run in to a problem trying to use the High Speed dvd burning function. I have a lot of shows recorded from BBC Four (etc) that I want to transfer to dvd-r, but quite often it won’t do this at high speed (even though they are all in the same format, ie. LP), and will only do it in ‘real time’, which is a bit of a pain.

It says something about ‘Low Resolution Widescreen Content’, is this because I have ‘Frame Accurate Editing’ set to ‘on’? Should I have this set to ‘off’?

Sorry to ask, but I can’t find my user manual, so am a bit stuck!

Any help will be much appreciated…