DVR-218L Speed Problems



I received my new Pioneer DVR-218L yesterday and so far i am not impressed :frowning:

The problem i am having is with erratic burn speeds. I am trying to burn a 360 game onto a DL disk, the disks are 8x speed but i set it to burn at 4x.

I have tried this in both IMGBurn and CloneCD with the same results, the speed jumps all over the place from 2.4x - 6x and as a result the 360 can not read the game.

Anyone know why this is happening and can this problem be fixed via a custom firmware or some kind of mod ?

Thanks for reading.


Without a logfile no one will be able to help you…


Someone already did, without a log file.


[QUOTE=gjac1;2465287]Someone already did, without a log file.[/QUOTE]And the problem was?