DVR-218L: Issue flashing drive to newer firmware v1.02 after flashing drive with "old" 1.02

Note: moved from the Firmware Announcements thread to offer better chance of discussion. -Albert[QUOTE=zsl1010;2492832]Yet another version of firmware 1.02 for a18/s18 are available for download, modified date 2010-01-22.
-> PIONEER-DVR-118L 1.02 20100122
-> PIONEER-DVR-218L 1.02 20100122

Both the old 2009-08-31 and the new 2010-01-22 versions of 1.02 are available at

No difference of actual firmware revision for the old and new when viewed by Media Code Speed Edit V1.2.0.5,
QSI DVD RW DDW-241/S 1.02 for A18/S18.[/QUOTE]

E get the folowing error from the 1.02 2010 firmware.
I had the 1.02 2009 firmware… and a terrible bug that every dvd r is burned @12x

ERROR 973!!!
Please contact your vendor

What is the chipset of your motherboard ?

[QUOTE=Lithium466;2494719]What is the chipset of your motherboard ?[/QUOTE]

Intel ICH10R

well, so i’ll wait to flash my 118L

Why ?

@ rakter, have you tried with other sata chipset (if possible) ? Or maybe in ahci/ide mode ?

[QUOTE=Lithium466;2495169][B]Why ?[/B]

@ rakter, have you tried with other sata chipset (if possible) ? Or maybe in ahci/ide mode ?[/QUOTE]


i have the same problem: error 973

s.o.: win 7 ultimate 64 bit

chipset of mb:intel p35

i have a pata Pioneer 118l

i solved keeping only one writer (Pioneer 118L) on the eide channel and disconneting the other (Liteon 20A 1P)

The original 1.02 release wouldn’t let me flash the 218L using an AMD chipset, but Intel chipset was fine, so I had emailed Pioneer to inform QSI of this problem. Now my 218L is on a PCI-SATA SiI 3114 controller card, the flasher still doesn’t see the drive, but recognizes one of my drives twice! I’m ready to toss this 218L out.

I’m able to flash the drive with the 1/22/10 1.02 from China’s site through a SATA-USB adapter using an Intel chipset. For some reason, the file from Taiwan’s site has the 973 error message.