DVR-218 / S18: silent playback of audio/video?

I am considering to buy this DVD burner, (DVR-218, same as DVR S18) but I need to know if it automatically slows down when playing movies or music. Without the need of running any extra software (CDBremse, etc).

I have read that this Pioneer drive comes with a feature called “Quiet Mode” which is exactly what I need, but I need to know if it really works in practice.

so, I need the experience from those of you who own this drive (SATA version)

If you own the 219/S19 or 217/S17, I would also like to hear about them.

I own a Pioneer DVR-215, and it works well in this regard, but as you know, the current drives use a different chipset, and I am afraid that they behave differently.


117/217 was the last true pioneer dvd burner.

[QUOTE=chef;2567832]117/217 was the last true pioneer dvd burner.[/QUOTE]

I thought it was the 216 the last one to carry the NEC chipset.
Well, anyway, regardless of the chipset, I want to know about the silent playback feature. I want to know if it slows down when playing audio-video files.

Even if the chipset is different, I assume the firmware is still programmed by Pioneer and thus they can keep certain functionalities of the former drives.

You mean the “quiet drive utility”, right?!

You may try the patched tool from here.

That is very old stuff.
My Pioneer 215 does it without any utility, without any patch.
I need to know if the 218 or 219 are the same, i.e., they play media at low rpms.

Anyway, I am currently out of money, so the purchase will have to wait… :slight_smile:

For x18 and x19 you have to read the reviews.

A standard 215 does that not automatically, BTW. It is all firmware dependent.