DVR-217L could not perform end of disc when burning




My Pioneer DVR-217L@1.09 could not perform end of disc-at-once when burning, result in discs that can’t be read by any drivers.

Windows 7 64-bit, have try SATA (AHCI) or USB connection, Nero or discspeed, computer change, but the results are same. The log is attached.

What’s wrong with this? Thanks.


This is usually issue with the controller, or more accurately, a particular dirve & controller combination.

Are you able to change the SATA controller setting to IDE? This often helps.

I have experienced this problem a lot over the years. Whenever I get a new drive I have to try it in different USB enclosures until I find a combination that works. Often CDs are OK, but not DVDs.

To avoid wasting discs you can test using DVD-R in simulation mode first (DVD+R don’t support simulation).

Good luck.


Thanks for your kindly advice Ibex, I will have a try. :wink:


The results are same in the native IDE mode. This driver can rarely recognize DVD-R, but no problem in recognizing DVD+R. When burning RITEK F16, it indicates “power calibration area error (037303)”. It’s enough to conclude that this driver is ready to retire ?


Maybe so. Is it all DVD-R, including many old discs besides the ones you’re trying to use now?


[QUOTE=Albert;2746796]Maybe so. Is it all DVD-R, including many old discs besides the ones you’re trying to use now?[/QUOTE]

This driver recognizes burned DVD-R ,such as Ritek F1 and UME02, without any problem, but the success rate of recognizing blank DVD-R is extremly low.
If by chance it recognized a blank DVD-R, the simulate burn process of discspeed is usually fail.:frowning:
It recognizes DVD+R, blank or burned, without any problem, but it can not perform ending of disc, leads to discs can not recognized by any other drivers.:frowning:
By the way, it handles CD-R without any problem, burn well, end disc well, reads well.:doh:


Very strange problem, every DVD+R could not be performed end-of-disc, illustrated in the attached picture. But DVD-R could be ended.:confused:


So the drive previously worked with that computer & configuration, but now has problems?

Intermittent problems like that (especially with an old/heavily used drive),are probably a sign the drive is unwell.

You can try cleaning the lens. Sometimes that helps with old drives. The cleaning discs you can buy usually scratch the lens. So if you are technically competent, a better method is to open the drive and use a cotton bud moistened with a little isopropyl alcohol.

Another possibility is a power supply problem to the drive. Some drives are very sensitive to low or unstable/fluctuating voltage. You can try plugging the drive into another line from the PSU, or try it with a different computer or PSU . Also, testing the voltage on the 5V & 12V lines, preferably under load using a electrical test meter (the voltages reported by motherboards are often inaccurate). Look at both the voltage & how stable it is.


[QUOTE=shaoxuan;2746847]This driver recognizes burned DVD-R [/QUOTE]

It’s a drive, driver is pure software.

Aside from that, try burning with 8x, and replace the sata cable and change the power connector (to the drive).