DVR-217BK , what chipset does it use?

Looks like I can’t find any detail review on this particular model, just got one recently.

Here the shot of the label, manucfactured in May 2009 :

Question, what chipset in this DVR-217BK ?

Also since this is my 1st Pioneer drive :iagree: (see my sig below), as a noob in Pioneer burner, is this particular model is a decent/good burner in Pioneer burner families ?


Welcome to the Pioneer side of things. :slight_smile:

Usually members will try to find the chipset out as soon as they can get their hands on one. This drive is no exemption, so you can go over & check out the first post of this thread to find out the chipset:

But to save you some time:


The Drive uses NEC MC-1044B chipset.[/QUOTE]

And your drive is held to be a very admirable Pioneer writer, though none of the Pioneer-designed & built drives with the NEC chipset have really been bad in a long time. :slight_smile:

Hi Albert,

Thanks for the greeting & pointing that post to me, actualy did read that thread, dunno why I missed that fine print at that 1st post !

So, is this particular model can be turned into label flash thingy capable drive ?

Also after reading the current Pioneer situation, especially with the invasion of the Lite-On clone on newer Pioneer model, I’m thinking to grab few more for this particular NEC based chipset, do you think is this a wise move ?
Dvd burners are so damn cheap nowdays. Just don’t want to go through the same experience/situation like BenQ Nexperia’s generations while ago. :sad:

Again, thanks for the response. :clap:

PS: Yes, I’m aware of the other thread on the Nexperia’s drive reading Pioneer’s burn issue.

Yes, you can cross flash to a 217L using dvrflash and the relevant files.

And I’d get maybe 1 extra drive if you’re only going to do a moderate amount of burning. It’s nice to have a backup, but there should still be something available that can meet or exceed your expectations as long as DVD burning is a worthwhile feature to have in your computer. This way, you don’t have to rent a warehouse to keep all your drives. :bigsmile:

Thanks for the confirmation jubjubbird, guess I’ll be playing/toying with DVRFlash in next coming week once I tried few burns un-modded first. :slight_smile:

Albert, yeah, thought so too, maybe an extra 1 won’t fill up my already crowded computer’s junk storage that much, I can see there are still few tight gaps that I can slip in for another optical drive :D, for sure NEC based burners are becoming a rare breed, thanks again !