DVR-216D CD ripping problem?

I have a recently purchased Pioneer DVR-216D with firmware v1.09 attached to the onboard Intel SATA on an ASUS P5K-E board. I have noticed that this drive is a total piece of shite when it comes to ripping CD’s. I have had a couple of brand new, just opened CD’s have ripping problems, and SEVERAL discs in excellent condition (new, but used a couple of times) with the same issue. I get frame re-rips, and finally an accurate rip. I look at the disc surface and can’t see anything that should give it an issue. I pop the same disc into my DVR-212D and no problems at all!

Have any of you had problems using the DVR-216D to rip audio?

Hm, can you post a TRT scan here?

[QUOTE=chef;2242328]Hm, can you post a TRT scan here?[/QUOTE]

I’ll continue to use it to rip, and as I come across discs I’ll scan them and post them to this thread. Annoyingly, I re-ripped discs I had problems with yesterday, and only had a minor issue on one track (had to re-rip a single frame). Previously, with these same discs (in the same condition as they only moved from the drive and back to the jewel case yesterday) the drive had to re-rip several frames.