Dvr 216d and video files problem



happen recently with some dvd divx xvid and company in some certain points (always the same, not random) while watching a movie or an episode there are little blocks (slows), then return the normal vision
if i copy these files in my hdd, i don’t have problem
I do not know what is due this, I just burned to DVD-R (the verbatim)
Has anyone had similar problems?

I uploaded these 2 transfer rate of 2 DVDs with this problem, tell me you can depend on what

it seem that this pioneer had problem on read, because it read the dvds too slowly, i tried to patch the bios with the speed read patch and the situation is a little better because the dvd read with more speed but initially there are always these blocks

anyone experienced this?
sorry for the bad lang (i’m italian)
thank you brothers


Could be anything.

I think there is a curse upon you.