DVR-216 wont read its own burns

hi there.

first time poster here so bare with me.

recently bought a DVR-216 and have burnt about 30 dvd data discs so far using ashampoo 8.0 and using verbatim 16x dvd-r and dvd+r and a few cheap LG 16x dvd-r discs.

tonight i suddenly realised that every one of those discs i burnt using this burner will not read in the same drive, yet all of them read in my liteon, asus and benq burners.

i was so impressed with this burner i was telling everyone to go buy one cos they are so quiet and seem to be a decent drive compared to my horrid asus burner.

funny thing tho, after checking all those discs again they still wont read on the same burner but i did burn another 2 data discs (LG 16x) just a while ago and one of them did read straight after the burn yet the other one didnt.

can anyone explain this wierd happening please.
using firmware 1.03 i think it is that shipped with the burner.

btw, this drive will read any disc that was burnt on any other burner if that helps.


actually i was so impressed with this burner i ordered 2 more from my regular pc store and are being shipped right now, and was going to put them into my other 2 rigs to replace a liteon 18x and a benq dw1650 that ive had for a few years.

after 18 hours of posting nobody can give me any idea why my 216 burner wont read its own bunrt discs.

is there another forum where i might get some answers ???

even a hint of what it might be would be helpful.


@ glenpinn,

Welcome to the Forum

What are you planning to do with your ‘old’ BenQ DW-1650?


The drive could simply be defective. Have you tried a firmware update yet?

Are all those mentioned drives in the same computer?