DVR-215D Bitsetting

I have searched and searched these forums. My DVR-215D has come with 1.13 firmware. I updated it with 1.18 and used MSCE to make it region free, speed increase and bitsetting enabled. The drive did not come making DVD+R DL (verbatims) booktype to DVD-ROM. I have burned a few discs now and they all come out as DVD+R DL as the booktype. I don’t know what else it is I need to do to change the booktype. I realize changing this in the firmware changes the bitsetting in the background while it’s burning, but checking my burned discs afterwords, they are clearly set to DVD+R DL instead of DVD-ROM. Am I missing something? Is this drive suppose to be set to DVD-ROM because it certainly isn’t according to DVDinfopro and Imgburn. Thanks for any advice I can receive.

Have you scrolled all the way down in the right hand window to check?

Sorry for my ignorance. :sad: Thank you buddy. I made my brain hurt thinking it wasn’t working.

You are welcome.