DVR-212D (NOS) vs...?

Hey Folks,

Microcenter has an OEM DVR-212D for $20. Sure, it’s an old drive (NOS - mfrd Jul07), but I’m only wondering how this compares to a newer drive in terms of burn reliability. Burn speed is not an issue - I never burn faster than 8x anyway. I just want to make sure the discs I burn are going to hold up over time (I generally use quality TY media). Ripping would be nice too (i.e. no riplock), but that takes a back seat to quality burns.

Or, for $3 more, I can get an LG GH22LS30 @ newegg. What do you folks think?


if you have the choice, then go for the Pioneer :slight_smile: I own its Pata sibling (112D, now crossflashed to 112L), and I love it. very nice (and compatible) CD burner also.


Was wondering about this drive myself.

My beloved Plextor PX716SA wants to die. It also does not support AHCI mode, no real surprise there. Looking for a suitable replacement and something that will.

Any ideas as to whether this Pioneer will play the AHCI dance without having a fit?

AHCI is designed for HDD, not ODD. So you can’t expect a burner to work properly with a AHCI configured Sata controller. It often works (depending on chipset and drivers), but there is no warranty it works for you also.

In case, your drive does not work properly, consider installing a non-Raid PCI Sata controller card, preferably with Silicon Image chipset.

AMD 700 southbridges are nice here: from six Sata ports, two can be set as IDE, independent from the setting of the other 4 ports :slight_smile:


Yep, all too familiar with AHCI nonsense, having to “hack” drivers to get the Intel Matrix driver to work with my ICH8 based chipset. According to Intel it doesn’t work but they also can’t answer why the option is available in the BIOS for their own board. They are feckless I say.

Yep the drive read, wrote and burned fine. It also hung my system everytime a disc was inserted.

I understand that AHCI was developed for HDD, but are we [I]still[/I] at the point where it’s trial and error with ODD compatibility?

Be careful, the 112 and 212 series drives had an infamous problem of losing their ability to read or burn CDs. I’d look for a 115/215 or 117/217 instead.

As an alternative, make sure you buy at least two of them, so that if one fails, you’ll have a backup.

Hi,[QUOTE=negritude;2278789]Be careful, the 112 and 212 series drives had an infamous problem of losing their ability to read or burn CDs…[/QUOTE]seems, only 112 was affected, not 212 series. There are several threads about this in the Pioneer burner forums, and Pioneer USA support notice only mentions 112 based drives.
Support notice from Pioneer EU doesn’t mention 212 series either.
Apart from that, the issue should be fixed with drives manufactured after March 2007.

And if the option is a GH22LS, I’d always go for the Pioneer :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback! I bought the 212. At $20, it’s not exactly a huge risk - the real risk is to see if my data holds up over time!

Whenever I buy a new burner, I always think about the 1st drive I bought – the Philips CDD2000, back in summer '96. $599 + tax, and that was a BARGAIN for recorders, at the time. It was a mediocre piece of hardware, at best, but I’ll tell you this – it’s been 13 years, and I can still read the discs I burned on that drive.