DVR-212D help

hello i have the pioneer DVR-212D and i have a problem i put 16x discs but when i try to burn them it says only 12x allowed now i tried to install new firmware 1.24 and it says no avaliable target what can i do? thanks for the help

@ alejandrogls,

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Precisely what particular Firmware is presently installed in your DVR-212D?

What is the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) (Example: TYG02) of the particular Media you are attempting to Burn at 16x speed? To obtain the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) of this Media suggest using the DVDInfo ( software utuitly program.

When you provide the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) (Example: TYG02) of the particular questionable Media Forum Members will then be able to check the Media table of the particular Firmware presently installed in your DVR-212D and see what burning speed are supported for this particular Media.

Just because DVD Media states it is 16x speed Media doesn’t always mean that the DVR-212D will Burn Media at 16x speed. It could be possible Pioneer during testing determined the particular Media produced questionable Burn results at 16x speed and limited the Burning speed to 12x speed.



well my firmware version at the moment is the 1.21 and the info of the media is: Media code/Manufacturer ID: CMC MAG M01

hope that info helps thank you for support


I had a problem to reflash this drive after I had flashed it once. I only managed to reflash after patching the flash program (not the firmware) using the MediaCodeSpeedEdit tool. Load the .exe into MSCE, set the “allow same to same flashing” option box, then save it and try to flash the 1.24 firmware with the newly generated version of the flash utility. The MediaCodeSpeedEdit tool (plus detailed instructions) can be found here:

@ alejandrogls,

Both DVR-212D v1.21 and DVR-212D v1.24 Firmwares support 2.4/4/6/8/12x speeds for DVR+R CMC MAG M01 Media.

You can use the Media Code Speed Edit ( tool and load Pioneer Firmware into the tool and it will display the supported Burning speeds of Media MIDs just I like did to obtain the information in paragraph one.

As stated in posting #2 Pioneer testing of DVR+R CMC MAG M01 Media has revealed that this particular Media produced questionable Burning results at 16x speed and limited the Burning speed to 12x speed. It should be noted that DVR+R CMC MAG M01 Media isn’t the greatest Media and perhaps to obtain consistent quality error free Burning results you should consider obtaining known proven quality Media.

Concerning Flashing your DVR-212D Driver suggest reviewing Forum Member ephebus above #4 posting concerning using the Media Code Speed Edit ( tool and patching the Pioneer [B]Flasher[/B] with the “Same To Same” patch. You can also use the tool to patch the [B]Firmware[/B] with Increase Read Speed/RPC-1(Region Free)/Enable BitSetting patches.