DVR-212D + asus P5PE-VM = burn fail?

Bought a pioneer DVR-212D with 1.15 firmware.

It burns fine in one PC, but when I put it into another PC with asus p5pe-vm motherboard, it burns half way and ended with burn failure - both with dvd+rw at 4x, and dvd-r at 8x.

If instead of onboard sata, I connect the drive to a PCI-sata board in the same PC, then it also burns fine - both dvd+rw at 4x, and dvd-r at 12x.

This seems to imply a bad sata controller on the motherboard, but I also have a sata hard drive in this PC and it works fine.

Any idea which component is at fault, the drive or the motherboard?

Seems like you’re doing something wrong:

Anyway, the drive can’t be bad if it works in two other configurations. Maybe a driver issue - have you tried both Microsoft and Intel?