DVR-116D: Weird DiscSpeed Benchmark Chart?



So ive had some pretty bad luck with my drives over the past 2 years

My dead drive list: (not really ‘dead’ but they dont burn +R DLs well anymore)

2x 111Ds
2x 112Ds
1x 116D

… attributed mainly i guess to various bad power supplies and me overloading the PSUs with too many devices

and so now im on new new 116d and im comparing the benchmark charts and stuff to everybody else’s … but mine looks pretty messed up

is this because the disc i read was a Xbox360 backup? Or is this drive messed up :frowning: …again

MKM001 burned at 4x


@ JustinZ ,

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Although DVD Drives are electronic/mechanical devises and subject to failure having 5 Pioneer DVD Drives failing in 2 years is out of the norm.

If you are aware that your Power Supply Unit is ‘overloaded’ don’t you believe it would be prudent to purchase a Power Supply Unit of sufficient Amperage/Wattage/Rail requirements and Quality to prevent ‘overloading’?

Besides possibly damaging CD/DVD Drives an overloaded Power Supply Unit can damage expensive Motherboard, CPU, Graphics Card, Audio Card, and other devices.

If you are unaware of how to correctly determine Power Supply Unit Amperage/Wattage/Rail requirements suggest viewing the below Web Links ->



No worth cheaping out on a cheap taiwan or chinese import, that will happily ruin your pc and hardware. One overvoltage ZAP it could be no more motherboard drives or them all.

Buy a well known manufacture name branded psu. It need not be an exspensive one they have, all will have same level of protection gauranteed. Something cheap imports will never offer or have. Buy at least 550w more w is better, equals less stress on componments with plenty of voltage all round. Branded manufacture, well known brands.


haha yeah

that was 2 systems ago
im on a corsair 750 now


any comments on the graph?


ok i tested another backup that was burned on my older drive and the drive looks normal

so i don’t know what is wrong with my 116d, ive burned less than 3 discs on this drive… maybe the drive is busted

ill try swapping for a new one today i guess

running the test again - with the dvd durned from the 116d i get a better result than i did at first…
its a lot better but still not as good as the dvd burned with the older drive


So i got a new drive and i get the same results…

so its defiantly something wrong with my system, what could be causing this?

would bad IDE cables do this?

or could it be my psu (again?)

could there be an incompatibility problem with my mobos chip set(790G)?


I changed the cable twice with the same results

anybody have some ideas?



soooo i changed the IDE cable position from the last connector to the middle connector, as well as changing the drive from slave position to primary

and i think its fixed now

it still doesnt look quite as nice as the graphs as others have but i guess ill have to settle


ok never mind it didnt fix anything
still having problems with bad burns…


The last connector on the IDE cable is the master, the one in the middle is the slave.

Are you using an 80wire cable or a 40?

Is the disc you are doing the trt on the same? It may be reading some errors at the outer edge of the disc, and slowing down the drive to complete the read process.


yeah ive tried 3 different 80 connector ide cables

burning them now i get an okay benchmark shape, but when i put the discs into the system , it has trouble reading them

but when i pop in a disc burned with my older burner it works fine

ive wasted so many discs :frowning:


@ JustinZ,

For the Pioneer DVR-116D DVD Burner to function and operate at optimal performance requires the use of an Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable ( In the provided Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable reference note the comments concerning Connector Assignment Color Coding.

Also in some instances using CS (Cable Select) is problematic. Suggest using the appropriate Master/Slave jumper settings on all IDE devises instead of CS (Cable Select) jumper settings.

Have you ensured that you have your Primary/Secondary IDE Channels optimally configured? As a rule of thumb optimal performance is obtained when the system Hard Drive is on the Primary Channel and the DVD Burner is on the Secondary Channel. Perhaps it would be beneficial to review the below Web Link ->



all my hard drives are sata

the 116d is the only device on IDE, tried burns as both master and slave

I think ive come to a solution though, i enabled the optimal write speed setting and just set image burn speed to AUTO and my burns are working out ok in the system now

…which is odd, as the drives writes as fast as 8x, whereas ive been burning at 4x this whole time

thanks for the help