DVR-116D-DS with 1.07 firmware

Hi All,
I just received my new DVR-116D-DS last night, and it has the 1.07 firware on it. I just downloaded the newest MediaCodeSpeedEdit (great software by the way) and found out it only supports the “PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-116D 1.06”. Damn. :confused:

 But this got me thinking.... Since I have the newer firmware, can this firmware be exported from my DVR and "shared" with this group to either be used "straight up" or use it to update the MediaCodeSpeedEdit so future versions of the software will support this new firmware.  I dont mind doing it, however, I need some instructions/software to do it.  Can any of you gurus :bow: point me in the right direction to help this group?

Thanks in advance,


So far, there is no “consumer”-available tool to extract the firmware from Pioneer drives.