DVR-112L FW 8.09 How do I set book type?

I just flashed my new 112D to a 112L Firmware 8.09 and it added many features according to Nero InfoTool.

I want to change the book type of a DVD+R to DVD-ROM. Unsing NERO, and following the insturctions provided in the nero help file, there seems to be NO option for making the change.

What am I doing wrong?

It’s automatically done by the firmware.

The 8.0x firmwares for the 112 has automatic bitsetting for DVD+R and +R DL to DVD-ROM. You can not change this setting.

Great, I don’t even have to mess with the software. Thanks for answering so quickly…

I must be doing something wrong. Nero Info tool AND ImgBurn both report that the DVD+R video I just burned are book typed at DVD+R still.

What am I not understanding here?

What about CD-DVD Speed? There’s a setting to show book type rather than disc type.

I’m at work right now and can’t check it. I’ll download the app tomorrow and see what it says.

CD-DVD Speed reports it correctly. I didn’t even know that I had that app. with Nero. Thanks for your help.

Hey Tim just what is the benfits of flashing the 112D to A12 or 112L, thanks in advance? I just d/l the zip file but it shows for both is there a choice and also do I have to go through all the lower fw updates to get to the most recent

With the 111D when you go to the 111 you get DVD-RAM writing and with the 111L you get LabelFlash & auto booktyping of DVD+R to DVD-ROM.

It’s the same with the 112 series.

Not sure about actually doing the flashing on the 112 series.

Tim okay thanks a lot pal for the information