DVR-112D problems

Last week I burn an image into a CD-RW. At burning end Nero 7 returned me an error. Then I tried to clean the disc, but I couldn’t. So I reinserted the disc into it and when the disc were red by the drive, one says “No disc inserted or drive not ready”. Burning DVD-R / +RW it works fine. Help me please!

Get a decent CD-RW and FULL erase that one with Imgburn.

What exact brand and type is that CD-RW?

It’s a generic one.

Which is probably why you’re having problems. Use Verbatim Cdrw’s. :wink:

You should also be aware that there is a known issue with the 112D drive and CDR’s. You may need a new one.

Leave it, it is not with any 112 and especially not with CD-RW.

I didn’t understand your point. Should I buy a new one, or not?

Here I can only buy Maxell, TDK, Sony, HP, Imation, … :cool:

I had to buy a new 112D about a 6 weeks ago and it now burns CDR and DVD very well.

First try burning to Cd media without using images, means, buy burning normal data onto it.

Then please post logs.