DVR-112D Firmware

Right you are. i just did a check and the booktype after I burned it was DVD ROM. My mistake. I watched during the burning process and am used to seeing, with my NEC burner, nero stating that is is changing the booktype to DVD ROM. This did not happen when burning with this pioneer drive. Also, i suppose I will have to try other media for higher speeds. At least, until more media is supported for faster burning. I usually only bun at 12x anyway and seem to not make any coasters at 12x with the NEC. I figured that if top speed was 18x that i would have the same luck at 16x. i have found that if I burn at max speed of any drive there tend to be some errors that some players are able to overcome but not all of them. That is why I lower from the top speed of every burner I have owned. Heck the first DVD burner I had was a POS Sony 12x and was only able to burn at maybe 6x without having an issue. I am real glad to be able to burn at 12x and hoping for even higher in the future.

There is no 18X media in the US so anything you find that will burn at this speed is just 16X media that Pioneer feels is OK. You [I]really[/I] need to read the answers to the questions you keep asking.
bjkg already asked you what media ID you are using. Just because the media is listed at 16X on the label does not mean the firmware will allow it, much less that it will allow 18X.

Your drive is performing exactly as it should; there is no “fix” for anything you are describing.

Also, the 80 wire cable is not an “option”. It is essential. If you have already added it then good. If not, make sure you do.

I have and after reading some in the forum, getting questions answered, crossflashing frimware, and doing some tests, I thik I am going to be happy with this model. I have no issues anymore. Thank you all for your help. I was so ready to toss it back and already had an RMA number from NEWEGG. I am so glad I did not do that. It seems like this drive is just very new and more firmware upgrades are going to make it a real winner.

I agree, I have had 3 Liteon drives that were excellent, this is a solid drive and will improve with new firmware. In my tests the high speed are good but not great, however my 8X and 12X burns are right on. :iagree:

I saw a link in this forum for 8.09 buffalo firmware for 112L. But, the page was all in Japanese. I couldn’t make head or tail from it. Is this tested by anyone here and if so how are the results? Please respond in english and without those graphs. LOL. I don’t understand those dang things either and there is no help section from nero for me to understand em.

Try the TDB 112L firmware based on Buffalo and then use my package which you can download from the link in my signature. The 8.09 is been tested in the Pioneer DVR-112D 1st look thread.

I have used it for over a week now with great results, it is pretty much 1.09 with auto bitsetting for +R. I would reccomend it.

Some of us are already using Buffalo firmware including myself. Check out the Pioneer 112D First Look thread.

I didn’t see those two posts above when I replied. Sorry about that.

@ buggerritt,

It is rather obvious that you have NOT read my #8 posting, which is specifically directed to you because every question you have asked in this Forum posting thread, is answered in that posting.

Forum Member chas0039 in his #22 posting also makes you aware of that fact.


I did read it. But, only after you referenced it, did i pay closer attention to the post. TYVM. I flashed, with the directions that were uploaded, to 112L 8.09. Everything seems a success. Vey glad I joined this forum. There is soooooo much info to be gathered here. Kind of overwhelming even.

112L 8.09
Philips DVD+R Inkjet Hub Printable DVD+R
Not really sure what these graphs mean. i suppose there are some instructions on this forum someplace.
I have some Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim 16x Media on order to try.

@ buggerritt,

Concerning Disk Quality Scanning the below two Web Links should prove to be helpful to you ->


Taiyo Yudens just arrived. Did first burn with one. This burner seems to really like this media. The Philips I have seem to slow down then speed up numerous times during the burning process at 12x. These stayed constant burn speed all the way through at 16x. just hope the quality is good at that speed. Not gonna try 18x till I see how the outcome is on this disc.Man, I wish Taiyo Yuden would make a silver injey hub printable in DVD+R. They seem to be stuck on the -R. Would love to change booktype but hey as long as it plays on my players, who cares I guess.

@ buggerritt,

In USA Rima.Com (, Meritline.Com (, and SuperMediaStore ( are reliable sources of Taiyo Media.

Concerning Taiyo Yuden DVD+R printable Media have you checked with Meritline.Com ( The last time I checked they had Taiyo Yuden DVD+R printable Media.


I just bought a DVR-112d. Would it allow me to burn DVD-RAM? What are the advantages? I have v1.06

wait, i meant would a hacked firmware allow me to burn dvdram, I know you can’t do it off the bat.

Yes but it will void your warranty.

well i’m reading through the first look thread to see what firmware I would need. I know you said it will void my warranty, but if something did happen, couldn’t I just install an official firmware again and then return it? They would know right?

I think I won’t crossflash it yet. Reading the last few threads of the first look post, it seems that a lot of drives are dying. I think I’ll only cross flash it if I need to burn to dvd ram, as that is the only reason i would want to use a hacked firmware.

The latest FW update from Pioneer is 1.09 for the 112D, updating to this firmware from Pioneer will not void your warranty. But like Bob said a hacked FW will
Hi Bob :bigsmile: