DVR-112D Firmware

I just installed the 112 and would like to update the firmware to 109EU what I was wondering being that I also have a pioneer 106 installed if it would effect the 106 when I go to update the 112, Thanks in advance

It wouldn’t affect the 106 drive unless you choose to flash that drive. Just make sure you choose the 112 drive when you update to the 1.09 firmware.

Hey thanks a lot for the quick response and info

Didn’t know a box poped up asking which drive to update, went great thanks a lot again, copied a full disk in 22 min at 12x which came out great, need to get a 80 wire cable to go over 16x, will get that and try tomorrow

I got a Pioneer DVR 112D from newegg. i went immediately and downloaded the 1.09 firmware from pioneer official site. I installed the firmware. I changed up to an 80 wire IDE cable. I was going to burn a Philips DVD+R 16X disc and it would only allow 12x burn speed. I stuck the same disc back into my NEC 4570 and am able to burn at 16x. I also checked in nero and dvddecrypter, and bitsetting is not supported by it for dual layer discs or dvd5 media. Is there something wrong with the new burner or did i flash something wrong? Should I send it back to newegg and get an NEC 7170A instead. The only firmware I have seen for the 112D that supports bitsetting, is a beta firmware from the dangerous brothers. The NEC 7170A already has firmware from LIGGY and DEE that does bitsetting

This is even more odd. I stuck a DVD-R 16x same brand of media in the Pioneer drive and Nero offers 16x burning option. I stick a +R in and again only offers 12x.

What firmware options do I have for this 112D? I want to be able to bitset and burn at 18x with DVD+R media. If it is this 112L crossflash, then how do I do that? Also, will that fix the speed issue?

@ Buggerritt,

The available burning speed of any particular blank DVD Media is dependent on two things. The MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) of the blank DVD Media and the Firmware of the DVD Burner.

It is apparent that the Firmware of your NEC 4570 allows a higher burning speed of the particular blank DVD Media than does the Firmware of your Pioneer DVR-112D.

Perhaps viewing the blew CD Freaks Forum posting will shed some light on the rated burning speed of blank DVD Media ->

You need to understand that the Pioneer DVR-112D is a newly released DVD Burner with new immature Firmware. After the Pioneer DVR-112D has been around for a while Pioneer will release newer more mature Firmware that will allow for quicker burning speeds. This is the normal progression in the development of newly released DVD Burners. I personally desire quality error free burning results over speed any day of the week.

The Quality Scans I have seen posted of the Pioneer DVR-112 indicate that the Pioneer DVR-112 produces quality results and I believe that the Pioneer DVR-112 will prove to be an excellent Burner. Just give the folks at Pioneer some time to develop and perfect mature Firmware that produces quality error results for the Pioneer DVR-112.

If you are looking for modified Firmware for the Pioneer DVR-112 The Dangerous Bothers and Koba are working on Firmware for Pioneer DVR-112 – just give the Firmware modifiers some time. Perhaps you should review the below CF Freaks Forum posting for information on the status of Pioneer DVR-112 modified Firmware. Koba in posting #396 has some Pioneer DVR-112 modified Firmware but before installing Pioneer DVR-112 modified Firmware it would be prudent to fully review the below CF Freaks Forum posting in its entirety to fully understand exactly what happening with Pioneer DVR-112 modified Firmware ->


OK. Is it possible to get directions for flashing the 112D to 112L firmware? It seems that one has bitsetting option for dvd+r media. I have downloaded both the 8.06 D and L versions and am awaiting some direction b4 I go and ruin the drive. TIA

Also i read after already flashing with 1.09 from pioneer that their firmware was not for OEM models. The one I got from NEWEGG was OEM, it said on their website.Did i already do something to mess up the drive?

Another question. When setting up for bitsetting in dvddecrypter, what type of drive am I supposed to use for the setting? There is no Pioneer tab. There are only NuTech, Plextor, Ricoh, BenQ, LiteOn, LG, and NEC.

@buggerritt - directions for crossflashing are in the 112D First Look thread.

I have been reaing page after page in that thread and still unable to find directions. Please help.

Flashing is pretty basic. Make sure there is no disc in the drive. Close all applications. Make sure you do not shut down the computer during the process. Get the file from TDB and run it, identifying the Pioneer 112 as your drive. The process runs and finishes in less than a minute. Some flashers require that you identify the file you want to use and it is always the other file you downloaded that is not an application. Sometimes you need to re-boot. You assume all risks, the warranty will be voided. I have done many flashes and not destroyed a drive, but it can happen.

If anything looks weird, stop and post your question.

Well i got this file 112L_806.EXE which is * TDB Flasher w/Kernel. Is there another file that I need to have along with it or just that one exe?

Just run it and select the 112 drive. If the download unziped as only one file, you only need one file.


ok, i flashed to 112L and did a test burn with philips DVD+R 16x media. I was still only allowed 12x option for max and also it did not automatically change booktype. I checked with Nero CD DVD speed using a blank DVD+R and bitsetting is not an option still with DVD+R. I hope there is some kind of fix for this

I also stuck in a Verbatim 8x DL DVD+R and I get the same results when trying to set booktype. The options are all grayed out and booktype for disc type and book type are set to DVD+R DL and Under booktyp all are N/A. Also checked and 8x is max option for this media.

Drive bitsets DVD+R to DVD-ROM [B]automatically[/B] when you start burning disc. Burn the disc and then check the booktype, not with the blank media. Pioneer bitsets automatically, you cannot do this manually.