DVR-112D Firmware question

Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brasil.

But believe me, I have searched high and low already!

One last comment: when I installed the drive, I did a few scans of some medias i burned with the LG 4163, and the Transfer Rate graphics where OK, almost perfect depending on the media brand.

Yesterday I pulled out these few DVDs and re-tested them on Ners Disc Speed Transfer Rate test and to my surprise, some had read-error problems and the test dropped before it was finished, and the rest had a worse curve, with a lot of variation.

GIven the premise that the burner will ALWAYS work better with the newest firmware, what could be the reason for these tests becoming a lot worse (given about 10 days between the tests)? I still think its clear that previous versions of firmware “liked” average media a lot better. Now, drive seems a lot more picky (which is bad in my case).