Dvr 112 system crash

as anyone had this just as burning completes using a dvr 112 flashed with buffalo 1.21 firmware my pc gets a blue screen of death and restarts
as anyone any idea’s please
thanks alan

Post the BSOD error.

it shuts down to fast for you to read

@ alan1812,

Perhaps the below Web Link will be helpful ->

Note the information contained under “Basic troubleshooting for all BSOD errors” which details how to obtain trouble-shooting information when “The BSOD comes up on the screen for a split-second before the PC restarts and wipes all the useful information away”.


Under systems turn off auto reboot on error.

tried a few progs to see if it would crash system and found that imgburn would give me a i/o error and drive was not ready also DVDInfoPro would not see the drive so reflashed with A12J 121 and it seemed fine until now
now it will read disc’s fine one minute but not the next have to restart pc a few times with disk in drive
so i am now looking for a alternative drive as anyone any ideas what drive to get