DVR-112 or DVR112D..?

Sorry for my first post probably being really stupid but I’m just about to place an order online with a UK store and they have both drives, is there an obvious difference between these drives which makes one better than the other…?
I don’t have a lot of use for DVD-RAM at the moment though.


burning quality should be the same

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Get the 112D as it can always be converted quite simply to the 112 or 112L later.

The advantage of the 112L over the 112 & 112D is that DVD+R media is auto-booktyped to DVD-ROM for more compatibility with DVD players.
Yes I know that it gives labelflash as well but how really cares about that.

I agree with Mr Tim on this one

As TimC and Jimbo already said you can always convert your 112D to 112 or 112L. But the downside of converting is that you will loose your warranty. If thats OK with you go with the 112D if you are not sure or want to use RAM in the future and dont like being without warranty then I would go with the 112.

While overall I am happy with this drive on my 16X -R CMC media I get better quality scan burns with my 16X Liteon drive. I really think alot has to do with Hypertuning that Liteon has and would hope that with firmware updates that the 112 will improve.
Anyone have any idea when we might see a new “official” firmware for this drive, how often does Pioneer release firmware. Liteon seemed to relase quite a few when the drives are new but then stop once a newer drive is released.

Many thanks for the replies, I’ll order the DVR-112D, I was actually just going online to order some discs when I saw it advertised for £20, the blank DVD’s cost me more, I don’t worry to much about invalidating the warranty, I’ve flashed my old DVR-108 on many occasions and haven’t killed it yet, I’ll keep a close eye on here for the latest firmware updates.