DVR 112: How to get back from buffalo 8.21 -> Pio FW121?

Hi all,

I updated my Pio DVR 112BK with buffalo 8.21 step by step how it is explained here in this forum.

But how can go back to the off. FW 121 which can be downloaded from Pio ?

I tried a lot and now the drive is flashed to 1.06 (TDB A12J_106 firmware and flasher).

But if I now want to flash to Pio´s 1.21 (DVR-112_FW121EU2) the drive could not be found.

So how can I go back ??? Please help !! :bow:

You took the wrong package. A12J_106 is a A12 firmware, you have to get the 112 package.
After you crossflashed back to a 112 firmware, the flasher of the DVR-112_FW121EU2 package will still refuse to flash the drive because the UPR12.exe flasher detects you use an RPC1 firmware. You can patch the flasher with MCSE to remove this check by clicking the ‘allow same to same flashing’ checkbox.

You can get PIONEER DVR-112 Currently RPC1 firmwares based on 1.06 *, From
And Then get the 112BK’s offical Firmare from:

Then use MediaCodeSpeedEdit V to edit UPR12.exe
let “Allow same to same flashing” then save the edit

just do like these guide to get back to Pioneer 112BK FW1.21 offical.
GOOD LUCK :slight_smile:

Thank you all very much !! It works fine !!! :iagree: :bow:

I have now burned a TY T03 disc and now I want to check the 8.21 again. Where can I get the correct 8.21 buffalo for my 112 BK? I only find it for 112L but not for only 112.

Why do you want to go back to 8.21 ?

Exactly what I thought too… :confused:

Oh,I see, Do you want to have the Booktype function for the DVD+R/RW DL fomat and LabelFlash/DiscT@2 function for DVD?

There is no booktyping “option”.
Booktyping for +RW is no option and impossible with Pioneers - luckily. :bigsmile:

I want to check how the 8.21 performes @ Taiyo Yuden T03. Or is the 1.21 exactly the same as 8.21 (inkl. book type)?

@ Ralfi,

There isn’t any difference between the Pioneer v1.21 Firmware and Buffalo v8.21 Firmware burn/write strategies.

In your posting in Forum Posting Topic “Re: Pioneer DVR-112: Post your scans and questions here” Forum Member tropic has previously informed you of that fact.

Perchance have you looked at the MediaCodeSpeedEdit (MCSE) software utility program ( and noted the capabilities of the MediaCodeSpeedEdit (MCSE) software utility program?


OK. I think the official 1.21 is the for me :).