DVR-111L & bitsetting problem



I have Pioneer DVD-111D with firmware 1.29 and i crossflashed it to DVR-111L 8.19 EXT and then 8.29 EXT (my drive is in external enclosure, connected via USB). DVD-RAM writing now works and labelflash should work (not tried yet) but auto bitsetting doesn’t work. anybody know why? :confused:


It does work, always.
That is why it is called [B]AUTO Bitsetting[/B].

Only the Booktype can be changed on +R/+RW/+R DL media (not +RW with 8.xx).
The Disctype can never be changed.


How are you checking this, [B]Hannez[/B]? Look in Nero CD DVD Speed, under the Disc Info tab. It shows both Disctype and Booktype of the inserted DVD. When you burn a DVD+R with 8.xx firmware, it will always be booktyped. There’s no settings you can change for this.

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Ok, now it works, probably i looked something wrong. :smiley: And with +RW media it also works


are you sure it changes the DVD+RW booktype to DVD-ROM?


yes, i’m sure , i looked in nero cd dvd speed under the disc info tab.

And now, i’ve noticed something, while burning CD. i select burning speed 32x. if drive start burning, it does this at 16x. after approximately 90 seconds the drive spins up more and continues burning at 24x. Before end of burning the drive spins up more again and continues at 32x. Is this normal? This occurred, when i put my drive into external enclosure and connected this to USB 2.0. when my drive was internally installed in PC, i didn’t noticed anything like this. :confused: Now i can’t try the drive in PC again because i have laptop.