DVR-111L and problem with Disc T@2

I have a new Pioneer DVR-111D crossflashed to 111L with 8.29 firmware. When I try to burn image on data side of DVD+R Nero says that burn process failed. Any ideas why?

Nero Premium with InCD 5 running (could it be that this is the cause of problem?). There is also alcohol virtual drive and AnyDVD installed.

Make sure you have connected it on your secondary IDE control with an 80 wire ribbon, not a 40. The 111D requires this to run in UltraDma 4.

It works in UDMA 4, on VIA BusMaster IDE controller (provided by VIA, not original XP version)

Update: I’ve tried also on standard XP drivers for IDE, without effect.

Solved: it was InCD that caused whole problem. After uninstalling everything went just fine.

Not sure what you mean, please clarify for us.

I’ve tried to burn T@2 image using nero with various drivers for ATA, but each time there was an error message (burn process failed)

Finally, after uninstalling InCD from Nero, burning image using DiscT@2 was successful.

Crappy InCD.

Good solution. :wink: