i’m quite clear about booktype on this
the official fw 1.29 will do dvdr+dl to dvd-rom
the crossflash fw 8.26 will addition do dvd+r to dvd-rom

does this apply to dvd game only or dvd movie as well or anything on the dvd?
i use fw 1.29 to burn dvdr+dl to dvd-video using nero 7, after that i look at the burned dvdr+dl, its still show as dvdr+dl, is this normal? the burned dvdr+dl end up wont play on my ps2 but play fine on pc and standaone.

can anyone clear this mess for me, coz i heard dvdr+dl is better than dvdr-dl, i mainly use dvd dl for my ps2 but my ps2 dont read dvdr+dl, only read dvdr-dl. so i really need an answer before buying dvdr+dl. oh yeah, dvdr+dl is cheaper too, so this is also the reason i want to try dvdr+dl and booktype it.

please and thanks.

Has NOTHING to do with the content, only the mediatype.

@ psxiso,

Buffalo Firmwares are “Auto” Book Type Bit Setting Firmwares and no user intervention is required to Book Type Bit Set DVR+R Media to Book Type DVD-ROM.

Book Type Bit Setting Firmwares change the Book Type of DVR+R Media to DVD-ROM but the Media Type of the Media remains unchanged. It does not matter what type of data content is burned to the DVR+R Media the Book Type of DVD+R Media is changed to DVD-ROM but the Media Type of the Media remains unchanged.

Suggest using DVDInfo ( and check your DVR+R Media Burned in your crossflashed DVR-111 v8.26 and note that DVDInfo reports that the Book Type of the DVD+R Media Burned in your crossflashed DVR-111 v8.26 is DVD-ROM but that the Media Type remains unchanged. This is normal. Book Type Bit Setting Firmwares change the Book Type of DVR+R Media to DVD-ROM but the Media Type of the Media remains unchanged


My drive is not crossflash, its still using official firmware v1.29, but it is said that official firmware can booktype dvd+r dl to dvd-rom. as you guy said it booktype the media no matter what content it is. so that mean my burned dvd-video should be dvd-rom, but why doesn’t it play on my ps2? is it because it still a dvd+r dl after all?

anyway, i’ll stick with dvd-r dl then.

thankssss all

@ psxiso,

Purchase did you use DVDInfo ( and check the DVR+R Media that you burned in your DVR-111 v1.29 and check the Book Type and Media Type as suggested in my above #3 posting?

There are a couple of reasons why your unspecified “DVD-Video” could fail to play in your PlayStation2 but unfortunately you have failed to provide any meaningful pertinent information for Forum Members provide any meaningful assistance.

If your unspecified “DVD-Video” was recorded on DVD+R DL Media quite possibly the use of poor quality DVD+R DL Media could be the cause of your inability of your “DVD-Video” to play in your PlayStation2. As of this time/date the only DVD DL Media that consistently produces quality error free results is Verbatim DL MKM001/MKM003 Mitsubishi Kagaku Media. Any other DVD DL Media is considered suspect and should be avoided.

To improve the playback/viewing compatibility of DVD DL Media the preferred Media is DVD+R DL Media Book Type Bit Set to DVD-ROM.


I believe you confuse MEDIATYPE with BOOKTYPE.
Mediatype which is DVD+R DL cannot be changed, booktype will be automatically changed with this burner, no one can edit that.