DVR-111D with NERO ok?

Hi all

just put in the 111D, and my Nero sees it as a recorder … ok thus far I guess. When I go to burn, I get various speeds available to me depending on DVD used - again, all good I gather.

Question is tho - should I be using Nero 7 with this burner for compatibility’s sakes? I’ll get it if I need to, but I have heard it’s bloated and not all people are impressed with it … so I’d rather keep my Nero 6 whilst I can.

So if Nero sees the burner is that sufficient, or is the burner too ‘new’ for the Nero 6 product line?

Thanks for any help - cheers. :slight_smile:

Update to - I’d prefer that.

Me too.

V7 is still quite buggy & if V6 offers you all the functionality you need then stick with it.

Thanks for the replies - I have upgraded to Will leave it at that then, until v7 is seen as a necessary replacement. Cheers :slight_smile: