Dvr-111d (with dvr-111 1.06 firmware) = bitsetting enabled?

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Ok, here we go : i got a dvr-111d. now (with the tdb apps) i’m on a dvr-111 (1.06)
Do i have to do something more to write dvd-ram disc ? (bitsetting)

And how to check if bitsetting is enable ? (dvdinfo just told me “pioneer does not support bitsetting”) but when i try with dvd identifier, here is what i got :

And finally as you can see, i got this result :
Disk & Book Type : [DVD+R DL] - [DVD-ROM]
This mean my dvd has been burned with bitsetting enable ?

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DVD-ROM booktyping is enabled and set [B]by AUTO[/B] for +R DL media and this burners.
I wonder what DVD-RAM has to do with bitsetting…?

Simply burn my xbox 360 backup :slight_smile:
xbox360 only support dvd-ram.

so now my dvr-111d support dvd-ram !! WOUUWW ! :slight_smile:

Sounds like you have mixed DVD-RAM with dual layer DVDs (DVD+R DL or DVD+R9).

oh … if i understood all, bitsetting is for “dvd-rom” ?
(i’m a bit confused …)

Bitsetting are for DVD+R and DVD+R DL both can be set to DVD-Rom among others. Pioneer 111D only supports automatic bitsetting for DVD+R DL not DVD+R.

!?? You mean with the lastest official firmawre, all my dvd+d DL are burned with bitsetting enable !!??

Very sorry, but more confused than ever ! lol
(why everywhere ppl said the 111d must be “crossfirmwared” with the 111 firmware to enable bitsetting Dual layer ?

You will only need to crossflash if you want your single-layer discs to be bitset to DVD-ROM. The standard firmware will bitset DVD+R Double Layer discs to DVD-ROM by default.

I would recommend updating your drive with the latest stock firmware from Pioneer.


ahh =) so clear now !!!

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And a 111D cannot burn DVD-RAM too. Only 111 and A11XL drives can.

Hi, i would to burn my xbox 360 backup too, but I have a problem with my dvd burner. I have on my xbox 360 nme 360 1.0 mod chip that requires bitsetting burning, my dvd burner optiarc AD-7170A with firmware( that support bitsetting will not burn games that will work on xbox 360.
When I put burned dvd in to xbox 360 i see a movie that show me “To play this disc, put it in an xbox 360 console” :confused:

Can you burn with Pioneer dvr-111d xbox 360 games?

Have you a mod chip in your xbox 360? When yes what kind of mod chip?


Have you noticed that this is the Pio section, not Nec and also not about consoles?!?