DVR-111D Will NOT Burn or Read Faster Than 2X

Just got a Pioneer DVR-710 / DVR-111D with firmware 1.23

In Windows 2000 with all service packs and Nero 7.8.5 I cannot read any DVD media or write any DVD media faster than 2X. Yes I tried Verbatim - Same Results.

On the same exact PC but with Windows XP with all service packs I get more reasonable read and write speeds.

I already flashed the firmware to 1.29 - Same results.

Nero already has wnaspi32.dll in its core folder on the Windows 2000 setup.

Any ideas / suggestions appreciated. I am losing my mind trying to get this to work right. I just need to burn data DVD discs.

HELP !!!

Post the result of the Nero CD-DVD Speed burst transfer test, you need a disk with some data in the drive to run the test. It should display about 23 MB/sec.
Check the DMA settings of your source and target drive.

I think you should get in excess of 40MB/sec as it’s a UDMA 4 burner.

Make sure that the jumpers are set correctly and it’s best for it to be master on the end connection of an 80wire cable. Try replacing the IDE cable as well.

Please pardon the delay in my response. I needed to get a copy of SnagIt and learn (sort of) how to use it in order to be able to post some graphs of an acceptable size.

You were both correct about DMA. I had replaced a LiteOn drive that was giving me fits and I thought (wrongly) that the DMA setting in Device Manger would stay set at DMA, but noooooo.

It was set to PIO and the burst rate was 3 MB/sec which explains the 2X speeds.

After setting it to DMA and double and triple checking to make sure it stayed set, I got a burst rate of 39 MB/sec.

So I thought I’m all set now, but nooooooooo.

DVD+R’s write and read at a max of 12X.

DVD-R’s are only being recognized by CD-DVD Speed as 4X regardless of brand (including 16X Verbatims).

DVD+R DL write speed varies in a very strange way.

I tried using an older version of CD-DVD Speed to see if it was just bugs in the latest version, but nooooooooooo. Similar results.

I guess optical drives just hate me. :sad:

Any thoughts?

DVD+R Write…

DVD+R Read…

DVD+R DL Write…

From these pictures upward we can see the speed of burning is OK & normal,
Sometimes the speed cut down because of the quality of discs, so you needn’t worry about it. We call it’s “auto speed down”, the problem may not caused by your burner.

Write speed always depends on the used media and the available write strategies.
Read speeds always depend on the used media(type), the quality of burning and the used drive … please see the specs, they clearly say [B]12x max readspeed for such media.
About the DL:
Perfectly normal for a 8x! It mostly burns at 6x with DL.

Thank you, both of you, for your replies.

Yes you’re 100% right about the read speed. I think my eyeballs were bouncing around when I tried to read the specs. They are a little confusing I think.

Regarding the media. I did try verbatims too, but they were a few months old, so I went out and bought fresh -r, +r, and +r dl verbatims.

These new graphs look nicer to my very tired eyes.

Many thanks for everyone’s help.

Fresh off the shelf DVD-R Verbatim…

Fresh off the shelf DVD+R Verbatim…

Fresh off the shelf DVD+R DL Verbatim…

Looks great, man!