DVR-111D... UDMA mode 4 problem... help

Hi all, I’m new here.

I got a new Pioneer DVR-111D and I can get only UDMA mode 2. I’m using a 80 wire (Ultra ATA) cable and set as master. The DVR-111D is on the secondary ide channel. I have 2 HD’s at the primary ide channel and both hd’s are working at UDMA mode 6.

My system: motherboard ASUS P4S800D / 2.8 / 1GB / Win XP

Someone can help me?

Thanks a lot and sorry my english… I’m brazilian :slight_smile:

The BIOS of your motherboard make sure it’s set to “AUTO” for the 111D drive. If it’s set to “AUTO” then try another new 80 pin ide cable. Make sure your 111D is set correctly on the ide cable. If you’re using a 80 pin ide cable supplied by ASUS it that could be why it’s only in UDMA 2 mode. In another forum someone had the same problem with the ASUS ide cable. That person bought a new 80 pin ide cable then was able to achieve UMDA 4 mode.

The ASUS CD drive cables are 40 wire, hence the problem. I don’t know how they can be so ignorant as to think this is a good idea, but they still provide the same lame cable today.

Also, try the 111 as Master all by itself and see what you get.