DVR-111D Poor at Recognizing Disks

Greetings all,

I’ve been skulking around this forum for a while looking for things to try. I’d just thought I would brake down and ask. :o

I have quite a few dvd-r’s on my shelf and a brand new DVR-111D. The 111D is having a hard time recognizing the disks. Less then half of them are recognized. Insert disk, windows tells me. Farts, I think to myself, all these bargain dvd-r’s are catching up with me. But that’s not really my problem. You see all the disks I tried are readable in my older drives. My failing Emprex 16x, my crappy laptop dvd drive, and even my Creative Dxr2 read the disks with no problem. The disks include HP 8x (the red label), Fuji 8x and 16x as well as Staples store brand. I keep them on a shelf in slim cases. But whatever the quality of the disks I expect my new Pioneer drive to read them better then a no name Fry’s special drive. I was hopeing that this drive was going to be my go to drive for reading back all the crappy disks I’ve made.

It also isn’t able to burn Fuji 16x disks at 16x without finding errors on verifying the disk. I’m not sure if that says anything about the drive.

I’ve tried the firmware 1.23 and 1.29. (It came with 1.19 I think)
I’ve put it on a new 80 wire ide cable. Set it to master. It’s the only drive on that IDE channel. It’s hooked up to the black (master) connector.
It’s an nforce2 chipset and I’ve tried it with the latest forceware as well as with the generic windows IDE drivers
It’s doing the Ultra DMA mode 4 thing
I’ve got a 500 watt power supply. The 12 volts is running high at 12.8 but the 5 is ok.
Just to be sure I’ve even tired it in a second computer

So is there anything there anything else I should try before trying to get an RMA, or is this normal performance for this drive?


Interesting. I am having the opposite experience with my new 111D, at least with DVDs that I labeled before I knew better. These DVDs were burned to crap media with an old Sony DRU500a and, as I mentioned, have adhesive labels applied. Neither my ASUS E616P2 DVD-Rom or my NEC ND3500a burner (known as a poor reader) would read them all the way through, and what they would read was read slowly. My 111D reads them perfectly, and fast (allowing me to efficiently “re-rip” and “re-burn” them).

That does sound odd.
I never had a disc recognition problem with my Pio 111 in the current 8.25 f/w or any other for that matter.

But as for the Fuji 16X discs, I bought some awhile back at K-Mart, and they turned out to be RiTECK, which I will not even feed to the trash can… I returned them.

I think the RMA thought is on the right track.
If it is with newegg, and you have to get the same model, that is OK, because the 111 is a great drive.

I’ve had mine for a few months and it read every disk I threw in, even old labeled stuff. If it gives u errors even on verification, not talking about quality scans, then it may as well be a candidate to hit the bin.

Hi, long time reader first time poster…

I’ve got the same problem (or similar) as jsmernov. I put in a disc (comercial/backed up CD or DVD) and most of the time it fails to read the disc in numerous programs, especially in My Computer.

DVD Decryptor, Nero, CDspeed don’t seem to have a problem reading a disc, but others like Shrink do. I can’t even play a game using a commercial CD because the game doesn’t recognize that I have the disc in the drive. I generally can’t even install new software because it can’t read the disc!

Another thing I’ve noticed is that when do a scan of the disc in CDspeed the results of each burn vary alot. I know the 111D isn’t a good scanner (I’ve already ordered a Liteon 165P6S for scanning), but still, the results should be fairly consistant, but they are not. I guess I won’t know for sure till the Liteon arrives…

I’m using fw 1.23 and DMA mode 4 set as secondary master. The discs I’m burning with are TY TYG02 OEM/Valueline. I’ve thought about flashing the drive to TDB 111L 8.26, but wouldn’t that void my warrenty? I’d rather not return the drive if I can get this sorted out because the place where I got it is now quite a distance away…

Thanks in advance.

This sounds like the well known software & drivers issue.

To find out, check the drive in another computer…

I also have a newly purchased DVR-111DSV (i.e. silver version). Set to master on its own IDE connector, 80-wire ribbon cable, latest firmware and it’s working perfectly. I think you’ve tried everything and it’s just a duff machine. Return it and get a replacement!

Like DUFF beer? LOL

Mmmm Duff… :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestions Chef. I still havn’t tried it in another pc yet, but will do so to eliminate a driver issue.

I ordered a Liteon 165P6S which arrived today. I’ve done some scans of some discs I’ve burnt and well, I guess my 111D is an even worse scanner than anyone elses. lol Sometimes the PIF’s were fine but other discs they were real bad. The Liteon shows them as fine.

The worst part is that I can’t find the receipt!!! It was an online buy… would cost me more to send it back than its worth… bah! It seems to burn fine so I’ll just have to use the Liteon for reading discs where the program/game etc can’t read the disc.

I think I’ll try formatting soon. I don’t think it would make much difference but its worth a try.

Question… I’ve got the Liteon set as the secondary slave (the pioneer is secondary master), is this the best configuration if the Liteon is primarally for scanning?

Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile:

even the actual Pio burners can be used for scanning, they cannot give accurate scan results.
Liteons are preferred for scanning since a long time. Is your Liteon also UDMA4? Maybe it has something to do with the UDMA mode…???

I assumed because the Pioneer is UDMA 4 that the Liteon would because they are on the same IDE. I didn’t think much of it till now that you asked and decided to double check because the Liteon is working fine.

But device 1 (Liteon) is “Multi-Word DMA Mode 2”. Device 0 (Pioneeer) is “Ultra DMA Mode 4”. Also the Liteon isn’t detected by bios.

The jumpers are all set correctly… What have I done wrong?

MultiWord DMA is not ok. Go into devicemanager and uninstall the ide channels, then restart.

Thanks chef, that fixed it. Both drives are now UDMA4. Bios still didn’t auto detect the Liteon, but I selected and set it to UDMA4 - I assume its okay to do that.

Thanks everyone. I’ve just sent it back. I missed the 30 reseller return policy because I procrastinated too long :Z . So we’ll see how long pioneer takes to look at it. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

That happened to me,and believe me it’s a software issue.It’s AnyDVD.I AnyDVD go to settings,Drives then go to Selection and uncheck the Pioneer 111D.That resolved the issue I had,when inserting a DVD movie and Windows wasn’t playing it automatically.

You are a genius (or I just suck at troubleshooting). I was having the exact same issues. It was spotty with me though, sometimes the disc were recognized on insertion and other times they weren’t. They would always show up if the PC was re-booted with the disc already inside. This seems to have completely resolved the issue.