DVR-111D or G120A



I’m going to get rid of the BenQ DW-1650 (it’s too noisy for me) and I can’t decide what burner I want. I was going to get a DVR-111D but then I saw the Sony G120A that had native DVD-RAM writing (I know I can flash the Pioneer to do that).

What do you guys think it’s a better choice?




The 111 also have DVD-RAM writing from the start, the 111D needs just a simple reflashing to make it an DVR-111.
The Sony, is, AFAIK, another rebadged Liteon drive.


If your main priority are RAM media, why don’t you buy a LG?

If you need a drive able to do scans for your burned media, then a liteon is one of the best choices.


Thanks for the help, guys.

I know the Sony G120a is the LiteOn SHM-165P6S but I have read they couldn’t do scans… so they actually can?


I would prefer Sony G120A, because when you crossflash to 165P6S you could use HyperTuning and Overspeed.


Thanks. So it’s better to get a G120A than a 165P6S? I want to be able to scan my burns.

My BenQ is already sold I need to buy the new burner ASAP.


There is exactly Zero difference. You can crossflash the Sony to the Liteon and vice versa, for they are identical hardware.
Concerning features and quality please read the review of that drive, wich is also valid for the Sony.
I personally experiences ugly scans with TY CD-R. Also, you cannot scan CD-media reliably with Liteon/Sony DVDRW drives.

The Liteon often has the better software package, this might be worth further consideration, if you don’t have Nero Express or PowerDVD.



If you say 1650 is noisy then STAY AWAY from Pioneer 111 - is at least twice as noisy as 1650! (~3dB more I guess).
Sony 120 is more silent compared to 1650.


That’s news to me! :confused: Because I found my Pioneer 111 very quiet don’t even notice it when it’s burning! If your one is twice as noisy as your BenQ there might be something wrong with it and should have it looked at.


My retail PIONEER 111 from Best Buy and my many BENQ drives are not noisy at all. :bigsmile:


My Pios are only “noisy” when running at hi-speed., eg. burning at 16x…
Kinda normal for any burner, just normal.


My Pioneer DVR-111 is brutally loud, I have a Benq 1620, 1640 & 1625 and they are all much quieter than the 111. Even 4x burning with the Pioneer is noisy.
The worst thing is, it scans at 2.5x max and sounds like a jet turbine (as loud as a 16x DVD burn).


Maybe you could try with other media…


I think that retail models have some sort of noise reducing internal design while bulk ones have not. Mine is bulk hence louder.