DVR-111D or DVR-112D?

I’m choosing between the two models as my current BenQ DW1640 doesn’t seem to produce any DVDs that my Wii can read. :frowning:

At the moment I only use Verbaim DVD-R (MCC) and FujiFilm DVD+R (TY02) media.

Which one would be a better pick? The price is almost the same but DVR-111D is a lot easier to find around here.

DVR-111D: 389 SEK / €41 / $54 / £27
DVR-112D: 470 SEK / €49 / $65 / £32

You cant go wrong with either one, 111D has a fine reputation as one of the best. :iagree:
The 112D is a solid burner that should improve in the future with new firmware.
However your 1640 is also very highly rated so you may not see an upgrade in your results. I would go with the 112D in this case but dont expect too much. :doh:

I’m not really looking for improvement other than making DVDs that my Wii can read. :slight_smile:

I’ve had marginally better luck with the 112D (flashed to 112L with Dangerous Brothers firmware) at burning Verbatim double layer DVDs. But that may have just been cause one batch was better than the other.

I get great DL burns with my 112L(Koba’s Firmware package).