DVR-111D not detected, no writing possible

I hope someone can help me out here. Sorry it goes on a bit, but I hope I’ve covered everything.
I’ve got a problem with my new Pioneer DVR-111D not being detected when I choose the ‘burn’ command in Windows Media Player 10 or 11. I also cannot back-up photos and data etc, to the drive. CDs and DVDs won’t autoplay either.
There is a ‘Recording’ tab showing in the drive’s properties, and I’ve selected the ‘enable CD recording on this drive’ box. I’ve also enabled the IMAPI CD-Burning COM service to automatic. I’ve changed the original 40 wire IDE cable for an 80 wire. The DVR-111D is set as Master, as it is the only optical drive connected. It is also connected to the end connector on the new IDE cable. It has the latest 1.29 firmware.
I have no real problem playing music cds, and dvds, except they don’t autoplay, whether the autoplay choices are selected or not. I have to open the drive’s icon in My Computer to see the files, then double click a file to play it. CD’s then play in Windows Media Player, and dvds play using PowerDVD Pro EX.
I’ve tried 3 different makes of blank cd-r and cd-rw, all are not recognised.
My 5 year old system originally had a Creative CD-RW drive, and an ATAPI DVD-ROM. The CD-RW suddenly developed this detection and burning problem, but at that time I thought it was the writing capabilities of the drive that had gone kapput, hence the new DVR-111D.
I have even put the original CD-RW and DVD-ROM back in, but they both show the above problems, and neither of them autoplay when discs are put in.
I’ve always used Media player for burning music to cd, and the Windows built in cd writing software for data and photos.
I have now run out of ideas, so would greatly appreciate any help on this.
My System - Windows XPHome SP2. 1Mhz AMD Athlon cpu. ASUS A7A133 mobo. 1000mb RAM.
Many thanks in anticipation.

don’t use the windows burning program to burn your cd/dvd discs. use imgburn for dvd discs or cdburnerxp pro. both programs are free software.

Thanks for that DVD_ADDICT. I’ll give them a go.

Just to add , use Burrrn ( for Audio CDs. And yes it’s free as well.