Dvr-111d freezes layer break scanning cd-dvd speed dl

hi everyone,

i just got a dvr-111d and im using the official 1.23 firmware. i realize that pioneers arent the best scanners but when i did a disc quality scan on verbatim dvd+r dl (MKM001), the scanning stops at 49% and the ONLY way to get the disc out of the drive is to hit the reset button on my pc. the drive just keeps trying to read the disc. however, when doing a scandisc read test it scans the whole disc and it seems to play fine. has anyone run into this?

the disc was burned as a video disc in nero 7. when i get more verbatim dl i will try imgburn.


Yes, it’s normal for DL actually with this burner.

thanks chef

Even my 110 behaves that way. Maybe really a firmware flaw only, it just stalls at the layerbreak… :frowning:

i have been trying to do a disk quality scan on DL disks today with my pioneer 111D and have all stopped at 51%, i thought the disks were naff!

how is one supposed to see if the disk has burnt ok without any errors when using a pioneer 111 to burn/read?

would the ScanDisc option do this?


thanks dude:)

Has anybody checked, whether this unpleasant behavior persists with the new CDSpeed and ecc=1?

no change with CDspeed :frowning: