DVR-111D doesn't see any CDs, DVDs work fine

DVR-111D worked flawlessly for 7 months. FW 1.29, DMA enabled. Still reads and writes DVD-R, DVD+R DL perfectly. Suddenly stops recognizing any CD. Will not recognize factory audio or data CDs. Will not recognize any blank CD or a CD it burned last week. Image burn and Nero both say Incompatible Medium Installed. Did I FUBAR a setting without knowing it, or is this drive on the way to hardware heaven?

It could be that the CD laser died. Try booting a Windows CD from it.
If it doesn’t work, it’s probably time for a new drive.

Thanks for the idea. With Windows CD in the drive at boot, it won’t read the CD. Tells me to insert media in boot device. Looks like I have my answer.

Have you adjusted the boot options in the BIOS?

Yes, when I attempted to boot from the windows CD I had selected (in BIOS) the DVR-111D as the only boot option.