DVR-111D difficulties - please help

Hi all. This is my first post. I am newb-fresh.

I have just purchased a black Pioneer dvr-111d dual layer capable dvd burner. I was hoping for a significant upgrade from my old super slow NEC +R only DVD burner that I have had for just on 3 years.

It is installed on the same 80pin cable that the old NEC burner was installed on. Jumper setting is cable select I believe (same as the NEC burner setting). It plays CDs and DVDs. But burning? No good. I have made about a dozen coasters today and frankly I’m more than a little cheesed off!

It has current firmware v1.29.

I use nero (v6.x) and dvd shrink (v3.2) successfully with the old burner but i have no luck with the new one. The drive is physically burning the disc but it never finishes a burn successfully. Re-inserting disc returns a “D:\ ACCESS IS DENIED” message. I read the review on here on this drive and thought I’d try some of the nero tests e.g. the Nero CD-DVD Speed test.

During the running of the Nero CD-DVD Speed test I get this message: “ERROR! L-EC UNCORRECTABLE ERROR (031105)”

Is this serious?

Please help.

Happy and willing to follow any advice…

Thank you

Only one post per problem please.

Try to connect your pioneer as master and alone on the channel.